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Operational Notices

Notice GOLF 5th October 2012

23 August 2012:


ESSA, Stockholm Arlanda


TRS (TROSA) arrival is permantely withdrawn

NILUG arrival is established


LFV, Sweden, August 2012

Notice FOXTROT 11th January 2012

On January 15th the 'Flight Academy' will land on Swedish soil to start it's main training HUB's in a facilitated area of Northern Sweden. You will see a small increase in airspace use up north in Västernorrland and Jämtland where both trainers and students will be active.

The cooperation between the Swedish division and its members and the Flight Academy enables an unique project to educate students in aeronautics, airlaw and procedures. Thus increasing IVAO network user skills.

Read all about the ins and outs in: http://se.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=194777.0  

Notice ECHO 22nd September 2011





FROM: 11SEP11 1806 TO: 30SEP11 1200 EST (C1499/11)

Notice DELTA 8th February 2011

Note from IVAO-HQ:


Dear Members,

As you probably noticed, we encounter many problems on the Forum and our websites currently.

Regarding the forum, several functions are no longer available such as divisional forum links and Agreement page.
Our website, IVAO.aero, encounter some problems, because many pages may be unavailable and the website is very slow. Also, the divisional websites do not work (eg: be.ivao.aero).

Julien (LAD), Erwin (LA1) and Ben (WM3) are working very hard to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

On behalf of IVAO Logistic Department and IVAO Public Relations Department, I want to apologize for problems that we have since some days ago.

For questions concerning these problems, please contact us by email at lad[at]ivao.aero, la1[at]ivao.aero and pra1[at]ivao.aero

Best regards,
Maxime Esnau
IVAO Public Relations Advisor

Notice CHARLIE 4th February 2011

The IVAO Forum is currently inoperative. The forum staff has let us know that they are aware about what the problem is, and that they are trying to solve it as soon as possible.


SE staff

Notice BRAVO 4th February 2011

For information:


IVAO forums are down. Logistics are working on the problem, and hopefully soon solved.




Notice ALPHA 24th December 2010

IVAO Swedens website is new. Here's a list of the most major changes.

- You can now access the training system from two different pages. You may access through "controllers" --> "controller training" --> "practical training", but also via "pilots" --> "controller training" -> "practical training". All your training sessions that you have had in the past is shown, but you can only see the ones that belongs to ATC at the controllers side, and your flight lessons can only be shown via the pilots training system.

- NOTAMs has moved and are now at "The Division" --> "Operational Notices". Notifications about new NOTAMs will not appear on the front page.

- ATC and Pilot training sessions will not be showed at the websites front page. If you have scheduled a practical training session, we expect you to book the ATC position in IVAOs scheduling system and mark the box "training". Your booking will then appear in the booking listwith a green color at the front page.

- Tweets from the Twitter-page of IVAO Sweden is now showed on the first page.


If you see anything you think doesn't look like it is supposed to, please contact Assistant Webmaster, via se-awm@ivao.aero.

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